[VIDEO] High School Student Includes His Service Dog In Yearbook Photo


This is an uplifting video about a high school student who includes his service dog in his yearbook photo.  The young man’s name is Harry, and his dog is Taffy.  Harry has Type 2 Diabetes, and Taffy is a highly trained dog who alerts Harry when his blood sugar is too high or too low.  Even when Harry is asleep, Taffy will wake him up with his paw, and has saved Harry’s life several times.

Harry appreciates all that Taffy does for him.  Taffy goes to school with Harry, and is so quiet no one even knows he’s there.  When it comes time to take photos for the yearbook, Harry wants Taffy by his side because that is how important Taffy is to him.

Enjoy watching this heart warming video about this heroic service dog.


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