[VIDEO] These Puppies Are Learning To Use The Doggie Door


The puppies in this video are learning to use the doggie door.  They are mini Labradoodles–a mix of Labrador and Poodle.   At this filming, the puppies are 7 and a half weeks old.  Their Mom is encouraging them to learn to use the doggie door.  She uses only praise and encouragement.  Listen to the way she talks to the puppy.

The golden puppy is the smallest boy in this group.  But that means diddly.  He was the first one through the doggie door.  And the first one to go back inside through the doggie door.  He is so smart in figuring out how things work.  And he instinctively know how to shake hands with Mom.

Enjoy watching these bundle of joy learn go use the doggie door, and how their mom encourages them.


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