[VIDEO] How Zelda The Miniature Bull Terrier Spends Her First Day

video Bull Terrier puppy playing

This video captures the first day home for Zelda, a Miniature Bull Terrier.  She is such a joyful puppy, energetic and playful, and doing a great job handling the hardwood floor.  If we were to ask for puppies’ input, they would probably all vote to have carpet.  So much easier to chase someone when you can make sure contact with the floor.

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What are Bull Terriers like?

Zelda has a stuffed animal in her carrier that is larger than she is.  This is one well-loved dog.  The family certainly has been preparing to welcome this little one home.  Look at the way she jumps about 3/4 way into the video.  Miniature Bull Terrier is a great companion dog for those who live an active lifestyle, according to Pet Wave.  They are loving and loyal.  They like to be included in all family activities.  They want to go for a ride in the car with you, they want to take a walk in the neighborhood with you.  And they can be a bit of a clown too.  They are known for their “bully runs”, dashing through the house for no reason at all, bringing laughter to those watching this unexplainable action.  Usually, they are friendly to visitors, and they are protective of their family’s well-being.

This is a breed that needs vigorous exercise.  A long walk, a short run, playing ball with you in the backyard for a long time–any of these activities will meet their exercise needs.  This is an active breed, so be sure you provide that outlet of energy. Otherwise, Miniature Bull Terriers can do some damage to your expensive furniture and prized flower beds.  Some will even develop a nervous habit of chasing their own tail.  If you have children in your family, socialize the Miniature Bull Terrier early on.  They will bond just fine with your children, but they can behave differently with other children, so train them early on to recognize that all children are welcome in your home.  You can read more about this breed here.  Enjoy watching sweet Zelda on her first day home.

Article source:  Pet Wave


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