[VIDEO] Husky Nursing Kitten To Health

video Husky nursing kitten to health

This is a video of Lilo the Husky nursing kitten Rosie to health.  It is a heart-warming story.  Lilo has always had strong mother instincts.  Dainius writes in Bored Panda that 3-weeks-old Rosie was rescued at a time when she could go either way.  Her foster parents did not know if the kitten would make it through the first night.   So they decided to have her cuddle with their Husky, Lilo.  Lilo has never had puppies, and never will.  Nevertheless, her mother instinct is strong.  After just one week of tender loving care on the part of Lilo, kitten Rosie opened her eyes and started walking on her own!  Thank you, Lilo!

The story of Lilo the nurturing Husky

Even though Lilo already had strong mother instinct, it went full bloom when Rosie starts suckling.   After Rosie regains her health, she would go to the park with her Husky mom.  They sleep together, nap together.  She would not leave Lilo’s side, as you can see in this video.

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Since there are other Huskies in the home, Rosie would join the Husky siblings when they go on adventures.  Just imagine the sight–a kitten taking walks with big Huskies.  Although this is a very sweet story of how Lilo the Husky nursed Rosie the kitten back to health, the owners of Lilo advises against readers going out to get a rescue kitten to be nursed by a Husky because Huskies have strong prey instincts.

This is a very unusual situation.  These two have an extraordinary bond, but that does not mean that other Huskies would feel the same way about cats.  There are many wonderful photos of Lilo caring for Rosie in this article.  You can see those photos here.

Enjoy this tender video of Lilo nursing Rosie the kitten back to health.

Article source:  Danius on Bored Panda


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