[VIDEO] Husky Puppies Grow Up Together

video Husky mama caring for her newborn puppies

In this video, we get to watch several beautiful Husky puppies growing up together.   Can you imagine a Husky being this small at one time?  When they don’t necessarily LOOK like a Husky.   Notice the adventurous spirit of these little ones when they are old enough to explore, getting themselves almost stuck behind the sofa.

Huskies has a temperament that is gentle and loving.  They are good with children because they are also playful and relaxed, according to Dog Breed Info.  Especially when they are puppies, they have lots of energy.  Huskies are friendly to strangers, so they won’t make a good watch dog.  They don’t bark much.  They are social, and prefer to live in a pack.  That’s how they got started—living as pack pulling sleds in cold climates.

What are Huskies like?

Huskies are also easy to train, writes Dog Breed Info.  However, it helps to understand the psychology of the Arctic dog.  When they work as a pack, there is definitely a leader.  So when you train them, be that confident and consistent leader.

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Because of their origin, Huskies do best in cold weather.  But if you don’t live in cold climate, make sure they have access to shade and air-condition.  And do not exercise them in the heat of the day.  Walk them in the cool morning or evening.

And do make sure that your Huskies get their exercise.   If you have a bored, intelligent Husky with not enough physical and mental exercise, you risk leaving the door wide open for behavior you won’t appreciate.  So keep their body and mind active.    And don’t leave them alone too long.  But if you do have to leave them for a while, make sure they had plenty of exercise before you leave.  You can read more about how to care for Huskies here.

Enjoy watching these Husky puppies growing up together and exploring their new world.

Article source:  Dog Breed Info


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