[VIDEO] Husky Puppy Talking Like A Human Baby


The Husky puppy in this video is talking like a human baby.  His name is Ramsey.  Listen to how he say “La-la Ma-Ma” or something like that.  I heard a comment that someone thought it WAS a human baby who had only heard the sound but was not watching the video.   He thought it was THEIR baby talking, then he realized his wife was watching this video.

It must be a lot of fun to live in this household while baby Ramsey is still talking like a human baby.  Look at the joy it brought Mom.  I like how Mom listens to Ramsey’s need to say hello to the older dog, and satisfies his curiosity.  I think Ramsey will be very happy here.

Enjoy listening to Ramsey the Husky talk like a human baby.


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