[VIDEO] Samoyed Lexi Wakes Up Her Dad In The Gentlest Way


In this video, Samoyed Lexi wakes up her dad in the gentlest way.   Lexi is a very polite dog.  She wants to go for a walk, and her dad is not ready to get up quite yet.  So Lexi taps him on the shoulder gently.  Tap tap tap.  No response.  Tap tap tap.  No response.  Tap tap tap.  Dad turns to Lexi and asks what she wants.

There is a sweet bond between these two.  Dad kisses Lexi’s paw.  Still he’s not getting out of bed.  Lexi moves to another strategy.  She puts her nose right up against dad’s nose.  Still no response.  Finally, she tries something more “assertive”.  She puts her paw on dad’s face and turns his head toward her.  Brilliant strategy, Lexi!

Enjoy watching Lexi’s unique way of waking up her dad.


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