[VIDEO] Precious Moments With Some Golden Retriever Puppies


In this video, spend a few moments with some Golden Retriever puppies.   Watching them just put a smile on my face.  They have such soft eyes.  Even when they are rough-housing, they are gentle with each other.  One puppy is lying in his water bowl.  This one is definitely a water dog!  And the one who’s being spoon fed is just lovely.  He’s even wearing a bib!  A smart idea, so the owner won’t have to bathe him afterwards.

A couple of them is not at all camera shy.  They walk right up to the lens, even chase after the photographer.  Then there’s the one doing the puppy wave!  That wave that gets an AAAWWW out of everyone.

Enjoy a few precious moments with these Golden Retriever puppies.

Image source:  via Pinterest  



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