[VIDEO] Interesting Positions Dogs Sleep In


The dogs in this video are sleeping in some pretty interesting positions.  The first dog looks part of the bedsheet because of the way he stretches out.  The 5 puppies in the second scene are lovely the way they lean against one another.  Then there’s the Shar Pei (at least it LOOKS like a Shar Pei) that resembles a rolled up towel.  And the two dogs that like garden pots that fit their size just right.

Any dog sleeping upside down always look fun.  Like the Yorkie and the Bulldog.  And when they sleep upside down on top of another dog, it’s amusing how challenging it is to identify JUST which end is up.  🙂  Then there are those who look like they are doing a gymnastic routine, or getting ready for a ski jump.  I am amused at the puppy who likes to sleep inside a drawer (when it’s open.)  The last 3 scenes are just precious.  I won’t give them away, so you’d be delighted by the surprise.

Enjoy watching these sleep contortionists.

Image source:  Imhinanoor on Imgur


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