[VIDEO] Is Talking Dog The Father?

Video of talking dog Clark G.

Is Talking Dog the father?  Remember the video Talking Dog wants bacon?  Here’s another video of that same dog–Clark G., having a conversation about the neighbor. The voice-over artist does a fantastic job.  It’s about the Talking Dog being suspected of being the father of his neighbor’s new puppies.  The Golden Retriever next door who often plays with the Talking Dog just had some puppies, and they look a lot like the Talking Dog.

By the way, if you are new to the Talking Dog videos, it’s a “conversation” between the voice-over artist and the Talking Dog.  The lip-sync is so well done, it really seems like the dog is talking!  The scripts are humorous.  This is one of my audience’s favorite video series.

Talking Dog Clark G.—His Story

The Talking Dog’s name is Clark G. the dog. Jennifer and Marc are his parents.  They got him from the Colorado Puppy Rescue after losing one of their dogs, writes Paul Bradley Smith.

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Marc and Jennifer spent hours searching online for shelters.  The dog they had originally wanted to take home was adopted by someone else, that’s how they decided to go to the Puppy Rescue where Clark G. was.  At that time, his name was Puppy #55.  Another family was interested in him.  So Clark’s parents had to wait for that family’s decision.

After the Rescue center told the other family what is involved in caring for Clark G., they decided that this would not be the best match for their family.  So that’s how Clark comes to be part of Marc and Jennifer’s family.  The first night he was home, his mom noticed that he was scratching and crying all night.  She experimented with different food, did a whole bunch of research and found the solution that stops Clark’s allergy.  Now Clark G.’s diet is lamb and rice.  Clark also learns the pecking order at home.  There’s another dog named Layla, who gets to climb in bed first with their parents.

If you enjoy this video, here’s another Talking Dog video for you!

Article source: Paul Bradley Smith



  1. Rebecca Daniels Reply

    I love this dog! Best dog videos of all time.

  2. Rebecca Daniels Reply

    I love this dog! Best dog videos of all time.

  3. Jenny Reply

    I have watched this particular Clark video to the point where I use his statements when I want to be funny. I may even have the voice down, too. My husband rolls his eyes,

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