[VIDEO] Is This Dog Playing The Drums?


Is the dog in this video playing the drums?  Her name is Maple, and she is part Border Collie, Golden Retriever and Shetland Sheepdog.   I was curious whether it was really Maple playing the drums when both hands were moving, or if there were behind-the-scenes help, so I looked up their Facebook page and also their website FAQ to find the answers.  According to the FAQ, the answer was “Maple is a talented dog! :-)”  So I still don’t know if that was tongue in cheek, or the real answer.  Whether it is Maple’s own talents, or made to appear so, it is interesting to see a dog so involved with making music.  It’s amusing how at the end of this video, Maple reaches out to the player’s hand, as if wanting the music to stop. 🙂

Enjoy watching Maple’s drumming.


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