[VIDEO] Husky Puppy Talks Like A Baby


The Husky puppy in this video talks like a baby.  A human baby.  And sounds like one too!  Turn up your volume to hear this adorable little one talk.  He’s a talkative one too.  Some family member in the background imitates howling.  And the puppy responds with what resembles human talking.  You can see how much this delight the woman who is holding the puppy.  I was curious whether Huskies like to talk a lot, since in many videos I watched of dogs talking, Huskies seem to be the most common among them.  Mishka the Husky talks a lot, and sings a lot too.  Then there’s the Husky who does not want to go to the kennel (another video I posted) and was very vocal about his objection.

Enjoy listening to this Husky pup!   I already listened to him several times, and am ready for more.


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