[VIDEO] Jack Russell First Day With New Family

video jack russell puppy first day home

This video was filmed on the first day the Jack Russell puppy came home.  After getting acquainted with his parents out in the yard, he was introduced to the family dog, Max.  The puppy leaps right in to play with Max.  Although he needs a bit of time, it doesn’t take that long for Max to warm up.

Not all dogs warm up to the new dog so quickly.  However, there are some tips that help the transition go smoother. Ken Piening shares them in Pet MD.  In fact, there is a wonderful video demonstrating how to do this.

How to introduce your dog to the new puppy

Here is a brief description.  Have the new puppy and your resident dog (the one already living with you) meet in a neutral park.  Have a friend help walk one of the dogs.  Both dogs are on leash.  Walk them about 20 feet apart in the same direction.  Then cross over the path of the other so the dogs can get a scent of the other dog.

Watch their body language.  If they are loosely curious about the other, with no tension, you can repeat the steps at a closer distance to each other.  After this initial meeting in a neutral place, do this again in your own yard.  If the body language looks good, you can even let them interact with each other, still on leash.

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When you introduce your new dog to the inside of your home, leave your resident dog outside to play with a friend, so the new dog has a chance to get familiar with his new surrounding.  Put away any toys or bones that belong to the resident dog.

During the transition, make sure they have their alone time so they can relax completely.  Even if both dog get along splendidly the first day, do separate them when you feed them, either with a baby gate or in separate rooms.

And if you have to leave the house, have the dogs in separate areas (crates if they are comfortable in them) until they are completely adjusted to having each other.  You can read the entire article here.

Article source:   Ken Piening in Pet MD


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