[VIDEO] Jesse The Jack Russell Gets A Christmas Present He Does Not Want


In this video, Jesse the Jack Russell gets a Christmas present that he does not want.  It is actually a scripted video intended by Jesse’s Mom to share a message.  In the video, Jesse receives a puppy for Christmas.  He does everything he could to ditch the puppy.  It’s not what he wants for Christmas.  All he wants is a nice bone.

Jesse’s Mom feels that many people think it would be nice to surprise someone with a puppy for Christmas.  Even though it’s nice to have a puppy around the house, it is a great deal of responsibilities that the gift receiver may not expect or want.  Some puppies end up in the pound because of this.  So her message is to let puppy gifting be left to the person who is ready to have another person in their life.

Enjoy watching this well-made video of Jesse getting a gift he does not want.


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