[VIDEO] Hatchi The Samoyed Does So Many Things Around The House


Hatchi, the Samoyed in this video, does so many things around the house.   The video starts of with Hatchi grabbing the phone and taking it to his Mom.  Then he opens the door and takes the little puppy for a walk, holding the leash in his mouth.   After he got home, he opened the refrigerator door to grab a beverage for Mom.

Then he goes out to the backyard to learn skateboarding.    And working with the hoop.  And weaving.  And wrapping one paw around Mom’s leg.  Now that would make a great dance move.  Hatchi also knows how to get inside his kennel and close the door behind himself.  He also figures out how to get treats out of a gadget.

Enjoy watching the many talents of Hatchi the Samoyed.


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