[VIDEO] This Toothless Chihuahua Finds A Loving Family


The toothless Chihuahua in this video finds a loving family.  The Chihuahua’s name is Mervin.  He was in a shelter for almost 3 months because he has quite a few physical issues, that’s why he was not adopted for a while.  His dad had just started working at the ASPCA adoption center, and decided to be a foster dad for Mervin.  But that turned into a permanent arrangement, so now Mervin is in his new family with other dogs and a cat.

The shelter took care of Mervin’s health problems.  His tooth were removed because they were the cause of some of his ill health.  Even though his diet is mostly wet, Mervin likes to steal crunchy kibbles from his fur siblings.

Enjoy watching this happy Chihuahua.


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