[VIDEO] Kind Postman Writes Letter To A Dog

video kind postman writes letter to a dog

The kind postman in this video writes mail to a dog.  There’s a warm story behind this video.  Jameson Brown on Comic Book wrote about this kindest postman–Martin Studer.  He’s been delivering mail to a family with a dog named Pippa everyday for the last 2-3 years.  Pippa, a Golden Retriever, considers it her job and joy to bring the delivered mail to her family.

But on some days, Martin has nothing for the family.  He hates to see Pippa disappointed, so this wonderful postman would write something on a delivery note addressed to Pippa on those days.  Pippa is happy because she can fulfill her mission, and Martin has got to be even happier for having made Pippa happy.  Wouldn’t it be nice if all dogs responsible for bringing in the mail meet a postman like Mr. Studer?  You can read the story and see more photos here.

Dogs like to have responsibilities

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I heard that dogs like to have jobs.  A special task just for them.  It gives them satisfaction that they are responsible for something in the family.  In Pippa’s case it is picking up the mail from the postman each day.  A good one to teach your dog is to pick up his toys and put them into a box.

You can put his toy into a box and say “clean up.”  Do this a few times, then give the toy to your dog and say “clean up” in front of the box.  This can help you create a more orderly home after his playtime.  And he would feel proud of a job well done.   I watched a video in which an adult dog would walk a puppy by holding the leash in her mouth.  That is her job.  To look after the new puppy.   This helps to create a tone in that relationship.

Enjoy watching this heart-warming video of a postman who aims to please all customers.

Article source:  Jameson Brown on Comic Book


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