[VIDEO] Rescue Dogs Got On America’s Got Talent

video Rescue dogs on Americas got talent

How uplifting to watch these rescue dogs not only have a new life, but a career!   This video records their performance on America’s Got Talent Holiday Show 2016.  Their agility is so impressive!    Backward flip!   The kind that Scott Hamilton did, or still does.   They’ve mastered their moves, and apparently loving the fun activities.

If you have ever been interested in enrolling your dog in agility, and perhaps to be in shows, there are some questions to ask before you make the decision, according to Animal Planet.  The article includes some excellent tips.   For example, is your dog’s body structure conducive to agility.  There’s going to be a lot of running and jumping, and it’s fairly fast-paced.  A Bulldog’s body structure would probably not appreciate this kind of strain on his body.  In fact, those moves could cause problems on his joints.

Is Agility training suitable for your dog?

Other questions to ask yourself is:  Does your dog enjoy running?  Does she get along with other dogs? There are going to be lots of dogs around her in classes and shows.   Can she focus on you for direction?  Or is she easily distracted by anything remotely interesting?

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If you are not completely certain of these answers, you can enroll your dog in a beginning agility class.  That will give you a clearer picture.

Now, the next set of questions is about you. Do you like to run?  Or are you enrolling your dog in agility for the purpose of deeper bonding with her? You might be doing just as much running as your dog.

However, if your answer is:  Yes, my dog will enjoy agility based on my observations.  Yes, I want to be involved with this, and no, I don’t enjoy running, you can still participate.

Just seek out an instructor or a group who can guide you in the art of agility distance control.  This is where your dog does the running, you do the navigating, but you can do it from a distance, so you don’t need to do the heavy-duty running.  You can read about other tips here.

Enjoy watching these most talented dogs in America’s Got Talent Holiday Show 2016.

Article source:  Animal Planet


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