[VIDEO] Lexi Savoring Her Birthday Cake At The Dinner Table


In this video, Lexi is licking every last crumb of her birthday cake.  A dog friendly birthday cake.  And what’s unusual is that Lexi is sitting at the dining table.  Her pet parents say that she doesn’t sit at the dinner table everyday.  This video was taken when Lexi turned 3.

It is wonderful how dogs are receiving increasingly pampering treatment.  They so deserve it.  Celebrating their birthday is definitely a good way to pamper them and to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have this wonderful companion in our life.  Since the cakes we eat for our birthdays are not healthy for dogs, we can offer a different cake that they can enjoy and yet are healthy for them.

Cake recipes that are okay for dogs

Jaymi Heimbuch of Mother Nature Network recommends a cake that is grain-free and sugar-free.  Some dogs are allergic to grains.  They might react with itchy, dry skin.

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And sugar is not good for their system.  Dogs get sugar high and sugar low just like humans do.  We don’t want our friends to deal with that.

Jaymi offers a couple of recipes for cakes that would not harm our friends.  One of them uses coconut flour instead of a grain-based flour.  It is good for baked dog treats (not just their birthday cakes) because it contains protein and iron, and has a lot of other nutrients.

What to use for frosting

For the frosting, depending on your dog’s preference, some ideas are liver paste, cheese, peanut butter.  That recipe is peanut butter and banana cupcakes for dogs.  It has no grain and no sugar.  Prep time is 15 minutes.  Baking time is 25 minutes.  Another recipe is apple peanut butter cake for dogs.  Again, grain-free and sugar-free.  Prep time is just 5 minutes.  Baking time is 30 minutes.  This one does not even require flour.  You can get these two recipes here.

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Article source:  Jaymi Heimbuch in Mother Nature Network


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