[VIDEO] Havanese Puppy Loti First Day Home

video Havanese puppy first day home

Meet Loti in this video.  She is a 10-weeks-old Havanese, and it is her first day home.  Actually, Loti has a very long name.  It is Berill Canis Minor Loretta.  Isn’t it nice to have a long official name?  It looks like Loti is starting to feel comfortable when she plays with her toy.  And she is warming up to her new family when she sits right next to her parent’s foot.

Actually, Havanese become very attached to their family.  And they are sociable, and gets along with everyone–people, cats, dogs, other pets, according to Dog Breed Info.  They are gentle, they are responsive, and they are very good with children.  They are playful, affectionate, cheerful, and very intelligent.

What are Havanese like?

In fact, the Havanese is a great observer.  He notices what is going on, and is sensitive to the tone of voice in people.  If someone sounds stronger-minded than his owner, he will not listen.

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Havanese make good watch dog.  They will let you know when there is a visitor.  When they see that you welcome the guest, they will too.  Usually Havanese are not barkers, although a few might be.  But they are very trainable, so you can teach them a new habit.

Is apartment living suitable for a Havanese?

They would do fine in an apartment because they are active indoors.  You don’t need to have a yard, but they do need plenty of exercise.  So be sure to take them on a daily walk.  The Havanese is a healthy dog, and tends to have a long life.

Grooming a Havanese

If you rather not have a lot of grooming care, you might want to keep their hair short.  However, if you want that beautiful long coat, you do need to give him a thorough brushing and combing at least twice a week.  He sheds very little, so by brushing his hair, you get rid of the dead hair.  And do check their eyes and ears regularly.  They can get ear infections if their ears do not stay clean.  You can read more about how to care for a Havanese here.  Enjoy watching Loti’s first day home.

If you like Havanese videos, here is another one of a Havanese cuddling with her mom.

Article source:  Dog Breed Info


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