[VIDEO] Yorkshire Terrier Maddie First Hour In New Home


The Yorkshire Terrier you see in this video is Maddie, and it was taken in her first hour in her new home.  She is 9 weeks old at this filming.  Watch how quickly she is making herself at home.  She figures out that her bed is in the crate, and she can go there anytime.  She smells her bag of treats.  She is already enjoying her new toy, which makes interesting noise for her.

Do puppies feel secure in a crate?

Her new parent is providing an environment of safety and nurturing for Maddie.  Actually, a crate is meant to provide a feeling of security and safety for a puppy.  It is not meant to confine or punish.  It’s a puppy’s home within a home.  When it needs some time alone, away from family activities, it has its own room to go to.

Why to remove the collar when your puppy is in a crate

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When you look for a crate for your Yorkie, find one that’s large enough for a full-grown Yorkie to be able to turn around in it, or stretch out in it comfortably.  When they are in the crate, be sure to remove their collar, so it does not accidentally get caught in the wire.  You can introduce the puppy to the crate in a pleasant way, so he associates positive experience with going to the crate.  You can throw a treat inside the crate as an incentive.

Where to put the crate so new puppy does not feel isolated

If the space permits, put the crate near family activities such as the kitchen or the living room, so the puppy does not feel isolated from the rest of the family members.  Some owners like to move the crate to their bedroom the first few nights, so the puppy feels more secure, being around the new parents.  If the pup whimpers in the first night or two, or needs to go to the bathroom, the parents are nearby to hear the pup.  Enjoy watching Maddie the Yorkie’s first hour home.

If you like Yorkshire Terrier videos, here is another one of a Yorkie wanting to play.

Article source:  Terrific Pets


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