[VIDEO] Murkin Helps New Foster Kitten Feel Safe


Remember Murkin, the calm dog who loves cats?   He has already helped many kittens that his mom is fostering to feel safe and comfortable around a dog–him.  This will probably help with future placement of these kittens when they find families to adopt them.  If the family has a dog, these kittens have already had the most loving introduction to a dog that they trust.

This is a video of Murkin meeting new foster kitten, Thomas O’Malley Flufferpants.  I am glad that Dcjanelle keeps sharing her videos of loving Murkin helping foster kittens to feel safe.   In this video, Murkin’s mom shares that  Flufferpants was a feral cat that she rescued and is fostering until she is ready to be adopted.

Murkin the rescue dog and his cat friends

Flufferpants was afraid of dogs at the beginning, so Murkin’s mom let Flufferpants get used to seeing Murkin from a distance.  She would give Flufferpants treats and affection when Murkin is about 20 feet away.  This helps Flufferpants get used to the idea of being around a dog without actually interacting with one directly.  The treats certainly don’t hurt. 🙂

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After about a month of this indirect getting to know each other, Murkin’s mom let them meet directly for the first time, which is captured in this video. You can see how wonderfully this meeting went. Murkin is already protective of Flufferpants and even tries to push his mom’s hand away as she reaches for the cat.

Murkin is also a rescue from a shelter

Murkin’s mom adopted him from a local shelter when he was just 6-months-old.  As far as the shelter can tell, Murkin is a mix of Great Pyrenees/Labrador/Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd.

Murkin helps prepare foster kittens for their forever homes

Murkin loves to hang out with other animals, and is especially fond of cats and kitens.   He makes a great team with his mom preparing foster kittens for their new forever homes.  Enjoy this loving bond the first time Murkin has direct contact with Thomas O’Malley Flufferpants.

If you enjoy watching Murkin’s videos with his cat friends, here is another one of him taking care of a rescue kitten.


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