[VIDEO] Murkin The Rescue Dog Taking Care Of Rescue Kitten

video rescue dog Murkin caring for kitten

The loving dog in this video is Murkin, who is spending time with one of his favorite kitten friends.  Watch how trusting the kitten is of Murkin.  While he was yawning, the kitten sneaked her paw to touch Murkin’s tongue!  Murkin thought nothing of it.  That is probably one of the reasons the many foster kittens that come through this household feel so calm around him.  He is simply comfortable around cats.  Not just comfortable.  He loves cats and kittens.  Murkin himself was just a puppy when he was adopted from a shelter in Santa Clara, CA.  Perhaps dogs and cats that have spent time in shelters develop some sort of empathy for others that went through the same.

The story of Murkin:  the rescue dog who loves cats

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When Murkin was first adopted, he was timid and shy, and wary of strangers.  His parents did a lot of work with him to build his confidence and comfort around new people.  Actually, this socialization process of exposing dogs to a variety of people and circumstances is good for all puppies to make sure they are well-rounded when they become adults.

If the puppies haven’t received all their vaccinations yet, just invite friends to visit you so the puppy meets lots of new people and become comfortable with new faces, new scents.  If they’ve already had all their shots, a puppy class is one place to meet other puppies and practice their social skills.  In Murkin’s case, the work his parents put into socializing him with new people works wonders.

Today, Murkin will give love to anyone who gives him attention.  Actually, he loves everybody, especially cats—both adults and kittens.  He loves snuggling with rescue kittens that his Mom brings home to foster.  Murkin is a mix of Great Pyrenees, Lab, and Australian Shepherd.

Enjoy watching loving Murkin with one of his favorite kitten friends.


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