[VIDEO] Pug Puppies Playing With Baby

video Pug puppies playing with baby

The pug puppies in this video are eager to play with the baby.  One of the pugs even got high enough to kiss the baby.  The baby is so delighted to be with these playmates.

What are Pugs like?

When you look at the face of a pug, it seems to have a worried look.  But this dog lives for fun.   He is the happiest being among his family, following you from room to room.  This charming dog also gets along with other dogs, cats, and children, according to Vetstreet.  Even though he likes to follow you, know that he is not is your jogging buddy.

This dog does not tolerate heat.  Even if it’s mild summer, it’s a good idea to have them indoor, so they can feel cooler.  Air-conditioning would be nice for this breed.  This is not a dog that can live outside.

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Even though he doesn’t need a lot of exercise (because he can’t tolerate it) he still needs some to keep him fit and healthy.  And not just physical exercise, but mental challenge as well, especially when he is a puppy.

If you are thinking about getting a Pug, know that this breed sheds.  A lot.  And those good looking wrinkles need to be cleaned, either daily or weekly, depending on the individual Pug.  One of the potential health challenges for a Pug is obesity.  This is something that we can do something about.  When we cannot see their waist or feel their ribs, it’s time to cut down on the treats.  Yes, it is hard when that charming face is pleading with us for just one more yummy snack.  We can comfort ourselves by knowing that we are helping to extend our time with our Pug by keeping them fit.  You can read more about pugs here.

Article source:  Vetstreet


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