[VIDEO] This Cockapoo Puppy Does Not Like The Camera

This Cockapoo puppy does not like the camera

Not everyone is a fan of the camera!   From his friendly growl, Oliver is suspicious of this object that hides his parent’s face.  Oliver is a Cockapoo, and he is only 9-weeks-old at this filming.  Look at that cute white tuft of hair under his chin.   And that wave of his paw!  Is he waving hello to the camera?  Or is he telling the camera to go away?

What are Cockapoos like?

Oliver’s bark is anything but threatening.  Kelly Roper in Dogs Love To Know writes that Cockapoo’s are among the top favorites of mixed dog breeds. This is in part due to their intelligence and their suitability for family.  Cockapoo is a cross between Cocker Spaniel and Poodle.  The breeders of Cockapoo’s see to it their health and temperament are priorities, so the mix-breed actually is healthier than either parent.  They got the hypoallergenic hair of the Poodle and the outgoing nature of a Cocker Spaniel.

How much exercise do Cockapoos need?

Peora created sapphire pendant
Peora created sapphire pendant

How much exercise Cockapoo’s need depends on their size.  There’s the maxis–over 19 pounds. There’s the minis, around 13 to 18 pounds.  Then there’s the Toys–under 12 pounds, and the Teacup toys–under 6 pounds.  The smaller they are, the less exercise they require because the little legs of the Teacup have to work a lot hard than a maxi for the same distance.   It’s good to keep this in mind when you walk your dog.  The smaller they are, consider taking smaller steps yourself, so the little one doesn’t need to work so hard to catch up with you.

The Minis and Maxis especially would make an excellent companion for children.  Still, children need to be instructed on how to approach dogs respectfully.  Cockapoo’s can live anywhere and be happy, provided they are living with people who love them. This is an affectionate, easy-going dog.  You can read about Cockapoo’s here.  

If you like videos of Cockapoos, here is another one on why people like having Cockapoo as a family dog.

Article source:  Kelly Roper in Dogs Love To Know


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