[VIDEO] This Shih Tzu Walks With The Movement Of A Cat


The Shih Tzu in this video walks with the movement of a cat.  His name is Buddy.  I am glad his owner was able to capture this moment.  At first I thought there was someone Buddy is trying to avoid, but the video description indicates that the owner was pleased to finally capture this walk on video, which means this is an occasional behavior.  This slow, cautious movement is not typical for a dog.  Especially for a Shih Tzu.

What is the temperament of a Shih Tzu?

The cheerful Shih Tzu is a playful, affectionate, and lively companion dog.  They are good with children, especially when they are raised with them as a puppy.  If you bring in an older Shih Tzu, they may be less tolerant of play that is high energy. Even though they are playful, they also make good lapdogs, happy to relax with the family.

How to care for a Shih Tzu

Pain relief workouts with Miranda Esmonde-White
Pain relief workouts with Miranda Esmonde-White

According to Pet MD, Shih Tzu’s exercise requirement is a daily walk or a run around the park. They make good walking companions, but not jogging.  Their short muzzles make high temperature not ideal for them.  If you ride a bike, they might enjoy sitting in a basket and enjoy the breeze.

Because of its nose, it’s easy for water to get into a Shih Tzu’s nostrils.  Some owners use water bottle instead.

Their beautiful coat requires regular brushing, every other day.  Or if it’s a show dog, everyday.

Do Shih Tzu’s bark a lot?

Pet MD also shares that Shih Tzu has a tendency to bark because it was bred to be a palace watchdog.  Sometimes they bark for a long time.  They make a good watch dog in this sense, because if they hear something out of the ordinary, they will bark.  But if you live in a building with noise restrictions, this may not be the right dog for you.   You can learn more about the specific needs of Shih Tzu here.

If you like Shih Tzu’s videos, here is another one of a Shih Tzu cuddling with a fur parent.

Article source:  Pet MD


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  1. Kathleen Drobniewski Nickel Reply

    I love my two Shih Tzu’s. They are cuddlers, and love to snuggle. The older you get the more you need their companion ship.
    My oldest sneaks just like that. It is so cute.

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