[VIDEO] Teddy Bear Puppies Get A Bath Together


The Teddy Bear puppies in this video are getting a bath together.  They are so small, they all fit into a small bath tub.  After their bath, they get their hair dried in a pet drying system.  You can see the red light turning on inside the dryer.

I read that it’s quiet inside, unlike using a hairdryer, which scares many dogs with the noise.  Some of these drying systems even have aromatherapy and light therapy while the dog gets dried.  In this case, all 3 Teddy bear dogs fit inside one of these hair drying system.  Teddy Bear dogs start working as therapy dogs for children with disabilities since around the year 2000, according to Teddy Bear Puppy Dogs.

What are Teddy Bear dogs like?

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Even though they are small, they are not the stereotyped small dogs who are hyper and yippy.  Teddy Bear dogs are loving, mellow and have a sweet personality.  Teddy Bear dogs are smart, very affectionate, and are easy to train.  They get along with children and other pets, and are not one-person dogs.  This makes them a great therapy dog.  They love being around their human, and if they are left alone for a long time, they can get anxious.

Energy level of teddy bear dogs

When they are young puppies, they can tire easily and need to sleep a lot the first few months.  But when they grow older, they have a lot of energy, so you’ll need to take them outside for a walk everyday, so they can run around.  You might consult your vet on the specific exercise needs of your particular dog, as well as the specific feeding requirements.  Because of their tiny size, they may need to have smaller segments, smaller portion, at a time.  You can read more about Teddy Bear dogs here.

Enjoy watching these cute Teddy Bear puppies bathe and dry their hair together.  And if you like videos of teddy bear dogs, here is one of Shu, a teddy bear dog enjoying life with her other fur siblings.

Article source:  Teddy Bear Puppy Dogs


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