[VIDEO] Shu The Teddy Bear Dog

video teddy bear dog Shu

Enjoy another delightful video of teddy bear dog Shu.  She is a red Toy Poodle.  Toy Poodles are mini athletes, according to Michele Welton on Your Pure Bred Puppy.  If they have the kind of built where the height is equal to the length, their athletic ability can take your breath away.  They are light enough and agile enough that it’s as if athletics is effortless for them.

This is not a breed to rough house with, so perhaps if your family has young children who might play a bit rough with your dog, a Toy Poodle is not one to adopt.  They do bark at the door, so they would make good watch dogs.  Some are reserved but polite with strangers.  However, there are some who do not know the word “stranger” and will be friends with everyone.

How to socialize Poodles

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It’s important to socialize Toy Poodles when they are puppies so they get used to unusual sounds and sights.  They are very intelligent and very trainable.  Because they are thinking dogs, do offer them mental stimulation.  Maybe ask them to fetch you a toy by name (they have to learn the names) or play hide-and-seek.  Using their mind keeps them happy.

Also, what keeps them happy is companionship.  Toy Poodles do not like to be left alone for long.  They need their daily exercise, and every 4-6 weeks or so, you do need to have their hair clipped.

Some Toy Poodles can be hyper-sensitive in the sense that if you touch them unexpectedly, they might flinch.  Or if they hear a loud noise, the same thing.  These are the individuals that would not do well around children.  This is a breed that appreciates peace and harmony.

You can read more about Toy Poodles here.

Article source:  Michele Welton of Your Pure Bred Puppy


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