[VIDEO] Great Dane Puppies Snuggling

video Great Dane puppies

Who could imagine Marmaduke being this size, EVER?!!  What comes to mind when someone mentions Great Dane is an image of a dog sprawled out over a couch, leaving no room for anyone else.  Or the comic book character Marmaduke who likes to lie across his owner’s lap.

It is rare to see Great Dane puppies just before they learn to crawl, piling on top of their siblings to stay warm and be close to someone.  Basically, Great Danes are gentle and easy-going giants, according to Dog Temperament.   Usually they are not aggressive, but because of their size and deep bark, anyone would think twice before getting near your house.  This makes them a good watch dog.

What are Great Danes like?

Great Danes actually don’t need a great deal of exercise.  Just a regular walk is sufficient for them.  There are some things to consider before you get a Great Dane.  Their food bill could substantially increase your monthly budget.  Even though they are gentle, they may not be aware if they accidentally knock over a young child with their big body.  So they are better suited for a family with older children.

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They also drool, so you’ll have to keep a towel around you.  Great Danes were once used as hunters, working alongside their owners, so they get very attached to their family. They don’t like to be alone, and can get stressed if they don’t have companionship. You might consider getting another dog to keep him company.   Socialize them as a puppy so they feel confident when they encounter new experiences.  Train them as a puppy to have some time alone, so they won’t get separation anxiety when you are away.  You can read more about Great Danes here.

Enjoy watching these tiny Great Dane puppies.  If you enjoy Great Dane videos, you might also enjoy this next one about a grown Great Dane who is not quite ready to get out of bed.

Article source:  Dog Temperament


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