[VIDEO] Snoring French Bulldog

video tired dog napping with puppies

Poor exhausted Dad!   Listen to the French Bulldog in this video snoring, and napping with his kids.   Look how he wraps one of his babies in his arms even while he is sleeping.  What a loving daddy.   I am just so glad someone got this on tape.  He is probably exhausted from caring for the puppies.  Plus that’s one of the adorable characteristics of dogs with short nose.

Snoring comes more easily for them, especially if they sleep on their back.  If they keep the household awake, there are some ways to help reduce the intensity of the snoring.  But not eliminate, unfortunately.  This breed have short breathing passage.   Snoring just comes with the territory.   Tammy Dray writes on Pets The Nest that there are some ways of helping with the snoring.

How to care for Bulldogs

Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters
Dog Bowl designed to slow down fast eaters

Bulldogs do not do well with heat, so make sure the room is comfortable temperature wise.  If it’s summer, keeping him in an air-conditioned room would help with the snoring.  Another factor is weight.  If a Bulldog does not get enough exercise, it is easy for them to be over-weight, which contributes to breathing issues.

Putting your dog on some kind of diet, or making sure he’s got enough exercise would help with the snoring.   Humidity in the room is also a factor.  Try opening a window when he sleeps and see if that helps.  If it doesn’t help enough, experiment with using a humidifier to help with the breathing.  And if your Bulldog’s snoring has changed recently in the frequency or in intensity, do take him to a vet to make sure it’s not a condition that affects the airway, which makes breathing less easy for him.  You can read more about this topic here.

Enjoy this sweet scene of Mom napping with the kids and snoring REALLY loud.

Article source:  Tammy Dray of Pets The Nest


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