[VIDEO] First Day Home 8-Weeks-Old Labrador

First day home for this Labrador puppy

This video was taken on the first day home for this 8-weeks-old Labrador.  More specifically, a Chocolate Lab.  Watch how tenderly his parent hold him on the walk to the car.  This is going to be a well-loved puppy.  How quickly he feels at home, playing with his new toys, following his owner around.  His parent has prepared for his arrival.  Water and food bowls on a stand.  Helping the puppy feel used to a leash.

What are Labrador Retrievers like?

Labrador Retriever ranks right up there among the most popular dog breeds in the U.S.  Labs have a variety of roles.  Some are working dogs (to retrieve for hunters), some are guide dogs for the blind, some are show dogs, and some are family pets.  Sarah Lofgren at the University of Edinburgh did a study on wheather the different roles affect their personality traits.  The study included 2000 owners of Labrador Retrievers registered with the UK Kennel Club.

Why are Labrador show dogs less afraid of people and noise?

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Her finding shows that Labradors who are show dogs are less afraid of people and noise.  They are less aggressive to people who are not their owners.  And if they are ignored, they are not as agitated.  These traits fit well with a show dog.  Judges at dog shows are strangers.  There are lots of unfamiliar sounds and people.

Working Labradors are less likely to bark

Labradors who work as retrievers are less likely to bark and are less afraid of loud noises.  That makes sense. There will be loud noises in hunting, and it’s good that they don’t bark to scare away the game.  There was also an interesting observation that the Labradors who get more exercise (maybe even 4 hours a day vs. 1 hour) are less afraid of people, less aggressive, and less likely to have separation anxiety.  Sarah thinks that this may be because dogs that get less exercise may feel bored and frustrated.  You can read more about this research here.

Enjoy watching this 8-weeks-old Chocolate Labrador’s first day home.

Article source:  Companion Animal Psychology


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