[VIDEO] Subaru Commercial The Boyfriend

Subaru commercial dog third wheel on a date

This amusing dog video by Subaru will probably find quite a few nods of agreement.   Dogs being a fine judge of character, being a guardian to their owner in more than just physical protection.  I know more than one person who chooses their dates based on their dogs’ reaction to them. 

What does it take for dogs to be in a commercial?

The dog in this video acts almost like a parent to the young woman.   His acting is so natural, it’s as if he is not acting at all.  Or was he?  Some of us have dogs that we believe to possess star quality, and want to enter them into the entertainment industry.  If you are thinking about this idea, here are some considerations, according to Cindy Quarters in The Nest.

How outgoing is your dog?

Dogs that do well in commercials are outgoing in personality.  When they encounter strange people or new situations, they don’t get stressed easily.  And, they don’t get distracted.  That’s very important on a set.   If your dog passes this “test”, then continue reading.

How well trained is your dog?

Is your dog very well trained?   Does she follow your command, no matter what’s happening around her?   On the set, she is some distance from you (or whoever she is working with.)  And she will be off leash.  Is she able to keep her attention on you or the person she is working with? 

How to market your dog to the commercial industry

If your dog knows some tricks, this will give her an edge.  For example, limping on command, crawling, bringing you objects.  Capture photos of your dog when she is at her cutest.  And take some short videos when she is performing the tricks she’s mastered.  If an agent is interested in your dog’s photo, you might be asked to submit some videos of what your dog can do.  A resume will include all that your dog can do relevant to acting.  The more experience, the better the casting agent feels about your dog working on a busy set.  And if you dog doesn’t have any acting experience yet, don’t worry.  List the tricks she knows and all the abilities she has.  You can read more about this topic here.

Article source:  Cindy Quarters in The Nest


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