[VIDEO] Irish Jack Russell Puppies Playing Together

video Irish jack russell puppies playing

The Irish Jack Russell Puppies in this video are having fun together.  Already they are being a bit rambunctious.  Seldom is there a video on these puppies.  Mostly we see videos of Jack Russell’s grown up and doing some amazing tricks, like Jesse.

The Irish Jack Russell looks very much like a typical Jack Russell, according to Jack Russell Lover.   The main difference in temperament is that the Irish is more of a companion dog.  The kind of Jack Russell that we usually see is more intense and active.  Jack Russell’s are loving, friendly, and devoted.  They have no fear, which could put them at risk if they decide to confront a much larger dog.  Actually, this attitude can go either way.  The larger dog might be frightened by the attitude.  Or the Jack Russell will learn not to mess with big dogs on their own.

What are Jack Russell’s like?

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Russell’s appreciate structure and routine.  You can offer them this by doing the same thing around the same time everyday.  That will help to build a sense of routine for them.  If you really want to have a Jack Russell but have young children, you might consider an Irish Jack Russell instead because they are calmer.

How is an Irish Jack Russell different from a regular Jack Russell?

And if you live in a place with no yard, like a condo or an apartment, the Irish Russell would be more suitable for that environment than the regular Russell.   Even though they still need a lot of exercise, the Irish don’t have the same pent-up energy as the regular Jack Russell.  And compared to a regular Jack Russell, the Irish Russell are relatively easy to train.  A typical Jack Russell is for a more experienced dog owner because of the training required.  You can read more about Irish Jack Russell here.

Enjoy watching these active Russell puppies playing rough with each other.

Article source:  Jack Russell Lover


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