[VIDEO] Chihuahua Puppies Playing

video tiny chihuahua puppies playing

The Chihuahua puppies in this video are play fighting with their paws.  It’s so delightful to watch them waving those tiny paws around.  They think it’s strong enough to scare their sibling.  Not!  These are certainly a lively bunch, which is characteristic of Chihuahua, according to Dog Breed Info.

What are Chihuahuas like?

Chihuahuas are adventurous, courageous, and appreciate affection.  They make a fine companion dog, attaching themselves to a human.  Some like to lick the faces of their owners.  According to Dog Breed Info, there is something that Chihuahua owners do that might contribute to behaviors we don’t want.

Why it is just as important to train a little dog as it is a big dog

When a dog is as small as a Chihuahua, it’s easy to let them get away with behaviors that we would not let a big dog get away with, such as jumping on people.  Letting behaviors go that we would normally train otherwise in a larger dog, it’s possible that we contribute to them being jealous, aggressive with other dogs or humans, because we have not let them know which behavior is acceptable, and which are not.

If owners treat Chihuahuas like they would a big dog and train them properly, they would make wonderful little companions.

How to care for Chihuahuas in the winter

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Chihuahuas do not like cold weather.  They prefer warm weather.  In the cold months, have blankets available for them to snuggle in.  It’s tempting to carry them around because they are so tiny, even so, keep in mind they do need their exercise.

What are the exercise needs of a Chihuahua?

They are actually quite active.  Play can help them let out some energy, but walking everyday is important for the Chihuahua, for both physical and mental stimulation.  If you have a fenced yard, they enjoy romping around.  They can do fine in apartment.  However, they do need their space.  Just because they are tiny does not mean they need a tiny space.  You can read more about the needs of Chihuahuas here.

Enjoy watching these delightful Chihuahua puppies using their paws to play fight with their siblings.

Article source:  Dog Breed Info


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