[VIDEO] Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Appa Wanting To Play

video Yorkshire terrier puppy playing

The Yorkshire Terrier puppy in this video is wanting to play.  His name is Appa.  In this video he is just 6 and a half weeks old.  He is exploring the power of his puppy teeth in inviting his human dad to play.  Puppies do not know their teeth can create pain.  And who’d knew a puppy’s teeth could be so sharp?

There are several reasons why dogs bite, according to Yorkie Info Center.  They are in pain.  They are afraid.  They feel their territory is being invaded.  Or it’s just a habit.  We are not addressing biting because of teething in this post.  That’s a whole different topic.   A Yorkshire Terrier may be small and have a little mouth, but their teeth are sharp.   It is important to take care of biting issues.  And with the proper training, it is possible to train a Yorkie from biting.

How to train puppies not to bite

Peora created sapphire pendant
Peora created sapphire pendant

When dogs are in pain, they can lash out by biting.  When they are afraid, or feel their territory is being invaded, they may bite to protect themselves.  What do we do when it’s just a habit?  Puppies start biting their siblings early on when they play rough.  When they bite too hard, their sibling would yelp loudly and pull away.  This is the signal to the biting puppy that he just bit too hard.  He’ll use the feedback to adjust his behavior.

So when you train your puppy not to bite, imitate their siblings’ action.  Yelp loudly and pull away.  This signals to the puppy that his bite is too hard.  So, a high-pitch “ouch” that express you are in pain, and pulling away to show that you are in pain, would let the puppy know that biting you is unacceptable.  What if you adopt a Yorkie when he’s older and he bites?  This article offers tips on how to handle that.  You might also enjoy another Yorkie Yorkie video.

Article source:  Yorkie Info Center


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