[VIDEO] This Shichon Is Mastering His Tricks

video Shichon puppy learning new tricks

The Shichon in this video is mastering his tricks.   His name is Fluffy.  What an appropriate name for his hair.  His Mom is wise to utilize his intelligence by teaching him tricks.  Shichons are intelligent and do very well with training, taking after their parents–a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise.

What are Shichons like?

They have the small size of a Shih Tzu and the friendly temperament of a Bichon Frise, according to Pet Guide.  It is possible for a Shichon to look more like one of his parents than the other, and still be called a Shichon.  This is the art of breeding.

Because the Shichon is a small breed dog, select dog food that is formulated specifically for small dogs.  They meet the high energy level of small breeds.  Possibly because it’s hard not to give treats to these adorable faces, small breed dogs have the potential toward obesity.  So, please do not overfeed these adorable pups, no matter how irresistible they are.

Rachael Ray dog treats
Rachael Ray dog treats

Even though Shichon are very trainable, when it comes to housebreaking, they may need more time.  Start young, be patient, be gentle, and be consistent.  Reward him for the behavior you want, and he’ll be happy to please you.

Socializing him as a puppy is also important.  Expose him to a variety of people, smells, sights, so he grows up to be comfortable around strangers and other dogs.  Actually, Shichon tend to get along with other dogs and family pets.  They adore their family and bond closely with them.

These friendly and affectionate ones are good with kids, although it’s a good idea to match them with older children than younger ones because it’s important for them to be around children who know how to handle them properly.  You can read more about Shichon here.

Enjoy watching Fluffy master the tricks his Mom is practicing with him.

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Article source:  Pet Guide


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