[VIDEO] Rosie The Morkie And Her Many Faces

video of Rosie the Morkie

Here is a video filled with beautiful photos of Rosie the Morkie.  See that long flowing hair?  That’s what Morkies hair typically look like, according to Great Dog Site.  A Morkie (sometimes called Yorktese) is half Maltese and half Yorkshire Terrier.  Since both parents are small, Morkies are also small.

They inherit their parents’ personality traits as well.  From the Yorkie side, they are very dedicated to their family and crave attention from their loved ones.  From their Maltese heritage, they have a sense of fearlessness and also a lot of energy.  They get excited easily and very happy to greet people, if they are socialized properly.  Sometimes they can get overly confident and run up to a dog they don’t know.  It’s great if the other dog is also happy and excited.  But not everyone is.

Characteristics of Morkies

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Morkies weigh between 3 to 10 pounds.  They generally have good health, and could have similar health concerns as their parents.  If they have great care and regular checkups, Morkies can live between 14 and 16 years.  Both of their parents like long walks, and so do the Morkies.  If your Morkie is getting a bit restless, take her on a longer walk to get that energy out.

Because of their small size, they’d do fine in apartments or condos.  What they do require is your attention.  If your lifestyle is such that you can take your Morkie with you on your errands or to your office, they would absolutely love it!  Morkies love attention.  And they enjoy car rides with you.  If you want your Morkie to see over the dashboard, you might need a booster seat for small dogs, with seat belts for dogs, of course.  Some prefer to crate their dogs during travel.  A Morkie will remember many people after just a few visits.  This will bring a lot of smiles to many people.  You can read more about the Morkie here.

If you like this video, here is another Morkie puppy video for you to enjoy!

Article source:  Great Dog Site


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