[VIDEO] Lexi The Samoyed At The Dinner Table


In this video, Lexi the Samoyed is having dinner with her family AT the dinner table.  Her dad says she doesn’t do this everyday.  Lexi has good table manners.  And she is a neat eater.  She chews her food.  Excellent habits, Lexi!  Of course, she HAS to try and see if the humans would share their food.  But she does it very politely.  She just looks.  No begging, no tongue hanging out, no whining.  Lexi is a really well-behaved dog.  When she sees that there is no hope of her human sharing their food with her, she returns to her bowl and finishes her dinner.  Here is a fun tidbit.  When you brush your Samoyed’s hair, save the hair, and have it spun into yarn.  Use that yarn to knit a warm scarf, cap, or socks.  The Samoyed lived in extreme cold weather, and keep their family warm at night by lying on top of them.  Almost like a blanket.  Their thick hair is designed to live in cold weather.  If it keeps the Samoyed in extreme cold, that same hair (when shed) can also keep you warm.

The Samoyed is a wonderful family dog, according to Vetstreet.  He bonds deeply with his family and is good with children.  He usually gets along with other animals, especially if they grow up together.  And he is usually friendly with strangers.  This is a barker.  So you might take this into consideration regarding your neighbors.  This is something you must train him to stop barking at command.  And speaking of training, the Samoyed is an independent thinker.  You can bribe him to mind you with praise, play, food.  Because he was bred to be a working dog, he needs his exercise.  Take him for a long walk everyday.  And this beautiful coat comes with a price–frequent brushing.  But then again, you can put all that warm hair into good use.  You can read more about the Samoyed here.

Article source:  Vetstreet


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