[VIDEO] Lexi The Samoyed Learns To Jump In Dad’s Arms


In this video, Lexi the Samoyed is learning how to jump up into her human dad’s arms.    Yes, this is the same Lexi who sat with her humans at the dinner table (a recent post).  She likes to be held, her dad wrote in the description.  Since Lexi is not very light, it does take practice to jump up into her dad’s arms.  Actually, in the past video where she was sitting at the dinner table, she needed help getting up onto the dining chair, and also needed help getting down.  So jumping into her dad’s arms is something that needs practicing for Lexi.

From the videos I watched of Lexi, she has a very sweet nature.  Gentle, and likes to make friends with other pets in the family.  Enjoy watching Lexi in this video of mastering the skill of jumping into her dad’s arms.


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