[VIDEO] Misa Minnie Helps French Bulldog Brother Learn Tricks


In this video, Misa Minnie’s little brother–a French Bulldog– is learning new tricks, and Misa Minnie is helping him to master the new skills.  If you are not familiar with Misa Minnie, she is a Yorkshire Terrier who is extremely talented with doing many tricks.  And she is also now a therapy dog.   In this video, Misa Minnie’s little brother is learning some of the skills she has mastered long ago.  She is helping him to learn in the background.  Her brother’s name is Brody Brixton.  What a nice name!

At this filming, Brody Brixton is 13-weeks-old.  He is learning to roll over, high-five.  He is also familiarizing himself with the mirror.  And learning that bathtime can be a pleasant experience.  Enjoy watching Misa Minnie help her little brother master his new skills.


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