[VIDEO] Bassett Hound Communicates Wish Effectively


The Bassett Hound in this video communicates his wish very effectively.  Turn up your volume to hear his message.

First of all, I love the face of this hound.  Second, I enjoy his preferred method of communication.  You know how some dogs use their body to communicate?  Or their eyes?  This one uses his voice.  Solely.  And there is no way you can miss his meaning.  This Bassett Hound has learned that barking is using too much energy.  The path of least effort will suffice.  Just make this low-grade sound.  And keep making it when the human is not doing what you want.  This sound is very powerful in training the human to follow your instruction to the tee.  This dog is an effective trainer.  It’s not whining. It’s training. 🙂

Enjoy listening to the voice of this Bassett Hound.


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