[VIDEO] Listen To Boxers Alfie And Archie Enjoying Peanut Butter


In this video, listen to Boxers Alfie and Archie enjoying peanut butter.  These twins really know how to savor good quality food.  Remember the last video with them licking up every last drop of coconut water?  Well in this video, their Mom puts peanut butter on a couple of chewies.  Just listen to Alfie and Archie.  Makes me want to go eat some peanut butter right now.

The video does not identify who is Alfie and who is Archie.  One of them probably smell some peanut butter on the back of the other, and lick up that little drop of peanut butter.  After they are done, they lick each other’s mouth to find any remaining bit of peanut butter that might have stuck to their chin.

Enjoy listening to Alfie and Archie savor peanut butter.


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