[VIDEO] Misa Minnie’s Brother Brody Brixton Is Trying To Nap


In this video, Misa Minnie’s brother, Brody Brixton, is trying to nap.  The way he closes his sleepy little eyes is just lovely.  Brody Brixton is the little brother of Misa Minnie, the Yorkie who knows so many tricks.   Brody Brixton is a French Bulldog that at this filming is 13-weeks-old.  He follows the footstep of his big sis in learning many skills and tricks.

His mom is hoping that he would also follow in the footstep of his big sister in becoming a therapy dog if he shows that interest.  I can imagine both Misa and Brody visiting children in hospitals, and the sound of delight that comes from each child they visit.

Enjoy this sweet moment with Brody Brixton.


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