[VIDEO] Chow Chow Puppies Playing And Play Biting


The 2 Chow Chow puppies in this video are playing and play biting.  They are just 2 months old.  Their mom is watching them, maybe to supervise them in case they get too rough.  Biting (or play biting) must be one way these puppies play.  No one was really trying to provoke anyone.  Maybe that’s how they interact with each other at this stage.

One of the Chow Chow puppies is more tuned in to Mom’s call.  He was alert when Mom tries to get their attention.  The other just keeps right on with whatever he’s doing.  It’s so cute when one of them shakes himself, then roll over with his fluffy round body.  The other saw it as an opportunity to play fight.

Enjoy watching these 2 fluffy Chow Chow puppies play with each other.


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