[VIDEO] So This Is What A Saint Bernard Sounds Like


In this video, we get to hear what a Saint Bernard sounds like.  In other videos I’ve watched of St. Bernard, I rarely hear them vocalize.  I’m not sure if it’s because the breed tends to be quiet or not.  I read that adult St. Bernard dogs are calm and quiet when they are indoor.   Maybe the Bernie in this video is an exception.

I read that St. Bernard’s are generally accepting of everyone and rather relaxed.  (Article source below video.)  It helps to expose them early on to the world, so they feel more comfortable with social situations.  They like companionship, so they like having us around.  If you don’t like drooling in your home, this may not be the dog for you. 🙂

Enjoy listening to this talkative Saint Bernard.

Article source:  Your Pure Bred Puppy


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