[VIDEO] Listen To These Adorable 3-Weeks-Old Shar-Pei Puppies


In this video, we get to listen to these adorable 3-weeks-old Shar-Pei puppies.  Actually, the one on the right (the tan-colored puppy) seems to be the one that’s talking, not her sister.  Her sister (the grey-colored puppy) seems to be soothing her by licking her ear, and let her put her head on her back.

The camera zooms into an adult Shar-Pei fast asleep not far away.  My guess is that Mom needs to rest up from taking care of her puppies.  Sharpei is independent and strong-willed.  It helps to have owners who are confident and consistent with them.  Because of their face and alertness, they make an imposing looking guard dog.  They don’t need a lot of attention or exercise to keep them happy.  If they have plenty of chew toys and sun to lie in, they can entertain themselves.  You can read more about Sharpei here.

Enjoy listening to the puppy voice her opinion.

Article source:  Petwave


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