[VIDEO] Samoyed Mom Watches Over Kittens Vigilantly


The Samoyed Mom in this video watches over 3 kittens vigilantly.  She treats the kittens as her own puppies.  The woman puts 3 kittens in front of her to take care of.  Conscientiously, this Samoyed gives attention to each one of the kittens.  She even paws them the way she would a puppy.  Maybe with a bit too much pressure on these tiny kittens.  But the kittens do not complain.

Watch how the Samoyed keeps checking on where the kittens are every moment.   She nuzzles each kitten.  Once she steps away for literally just a second, the kittens look as if they are saying “Where are you going?  Come back.”

Enjoy watching this nurturing Samoyed looking after these 3 kittens.

Image source:  via Imgur


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