[VIDEO] Listen To This 18-Days-Old Puppy Enjoy A Massage


Listen to the 18-days-old puppy in this video enjoying a massage.  This puppy instinctively knows to just let go and enjoy the nurturing touch.  When the human mom starts massaging the puppy’s back, it looks like the pup cooperates by turning onto the side a little bit.

Listen to the low moan from the puppy.  This is the sign of a great relaxing massage.  More…the puppy says.  Later in the video, the woman massages another puppy at the same time, with feet touching his sibling.  But the first puppy doesn’t seem to mind at all.  He is either too zoned out to know, or the feet on top of his head feels like a head massage. 🙂

Enjoy watching this well loved puppy get a pampering massage.


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