[VIDEO] Listen To This One-Week-Old Border Collie Growl


In this video, we can listen to a one-week-old Border Collie puppy growl and bark.  It’ wonderful to have this footage.  Usually, I see videos of 1-week-old puppies sleeping and twitching, but this puppy seems to be awake, at least the second half of the video.   The first part of the video, the puppy may be partially asleep.

Already at one-weeks-old, this little one is vocalizing.  It sounds kind of like a growl.  But I think it is just vocalizing.  The puppy barks a couple of times.   It’s so young that its eyes are not yet open.  It’s as if the pup moves its head in different direction to sense its environment.

Enjoy this sweet moment listening to a 1-week-old Border Collie making some sweet noise.


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