[VIDEO] Lovely Newborn Puppies Twitching In Their Sleep


The lovely newborn puppies in this video are twitching in their sleep.  It’s absolutely a treat to be watching these 2 little angels.  The puppy on the left sleeps with his eyes half open.  He has his mouth parked right next to the face of his sibling.   It is endearing.

The puppy on the right does a lot of mouth action, as if she’s suckling.  Both of them have a lot of twitching movement with their arms.  And their heads also twitch.  I read some articles about why puppies twitch in their sleep.  There are several theories  One of them is that they are strengthening their leg muscles.  In the first week, a puppy concentrates on the front legs.  That’s why they can lift themselves up using their front legs at only 5 or 7 days old.  The kicking and twitching in their sleep state helps them to develop the muscles so they can stand, since puppies sleep about 90% of the time.  You can read more about twitching here.

Enjoy listening to these two puppies and watch their very cute twitching.

Article source:  Pet Helpful


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